Official FIFA Beach Soccer Rules
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Official 5v5 Beach Soccer Rules

America SCORES Beach Soccer Blast! Rules follow the guidelines of FIFA Soccer Rules with the following exceptions:


Each team consists of 5 players, one of who must be the goalkeeper. Substitutions are allowed at any time. If a team has less than 4 players at game time, the game will be considered a forfeit. Only players on the roster may play. All eligible players must be listed on the Registration/Roster Form and players may only play on 1 team (players may not play on 2 teams). All players must have a parent signature if the player is under the age of 18. If the player is 18 years of age or older they may sign the form for themselves.

Player Equipment:

All players must wear the same colors to distinguish themselves from other teams. T-Shirts, jerseys, or tank-tops are acceptable. Jersey names and numbers are not required. Shoes and shin guards are not allowed. Socks, beach soccer socks, and tape are OK. Beach soccer socks will be available for purchase at the event. Bring warm up jackets and pants to wear in between games. The weather conditions can vary and change quickly. All games will be played with an official beach soccer ball.


The referee is responsible for control of the game and all referee decisions are final.

Duration of the Game & Points:

Three 10 minute periods with two minutes of rest in between periods.
Win = 3 points
Tie = 1 point
Loss = 0 points
PLEASE NO BLOWOUTS. If a team wins by more than 10 goals, tournament officials will deduct 1 point for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Tie Breakers the Group Stage:

The tie-breaker rules are as follows:
1) Team with the most points
2) Goal differential
3) Least goals against
4) Most goals scored
5) Coin flip

The Start of Play:

A flip of a coin or rock-paper-scissors between captains to decide which team will kick off. Each team must stay in its own half of the field and the defending players must be at least 5 yards from the ball when it is kicked. After a goal, the team scored upon will kick off. After halftime or periods end the teams change sides and the kickoff will be taken by the opposite team that started the game.

Tie Game:

In the event of a tie between two teams in the group phase, the game will be declared a tie. In the event of a tie in a quarterfinal, semifinal, or final match there will be a 3 minute extra time period (not golden goal). If the game is still tied, a PK shootout will determine the winner.

PK Shootouts:

Three players from each team will take penalty kicks. If the score is still tied after 3 penalty kicks, 1 player from each team will shoot until one team wins. Players do not have to be on the field of play to participate in the shootout. All players on each team must kick before any individual player kicks for a second time.


There are no offsides. Players 11 years of age or younger should not head the ball. Referees will be instructed to follow the rules for the specific age group as set forth by the US Soccer Federation.

Kickoffs & Restarts:

All free kicks and corner kicks are direct. Kickoffs are INDIRECT. Any ball played out of bounds on either touchline will result in a throw in or kick in for the team that did not touch the ball last. Throw-ins and kick-ins are INDIRECT. On any throw-in or kick-in there is a 6 second rule. If the team awarded the throw or kick does not play the ball in 6 seconds the other team will gain possession of the ball. All goal kicks must be thrown in by the goalkeeper.


Goalkeepers may handle the ball anywhere within eight yards of their goal. Goalkeepers are allowed to handle the ball if a teammate plays the ball back to them, but ONLY ONE TIME PER POSSESSION. If a team plays the ball back to the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper picks the ball up twice in one possession, the other team will be rewarded a free kick from the center of the pitch. No punting is allowed. Goalkeepers may not throw the ball in the opposition's goal. If this takes place the opposing goalkeeper will be given possession of the ball and no goal will be awarded.

Free Kicks & the "Cone Rule":

When the referee awards a free kick (from which a goal can be scored directly against the defending side) the player who received the infraction must take the free kick. There are no walls allowed and opposing players must remain at least five (5) yards away from the kicker. When taking a free kick, corner kick, or in-bounds kick, a player may place the ball on the spot of the foul and make a small mound to elevate the ball's position.

If the foul is committed in the kicking team's defensive half of the pitch, an imaginary "cone" will be established from the point of the foul to the corner flags. Players from both teams must stand outside of this zone until the free kick is taken.

If the foul is committed in the kicking team's attacking half of the pitch, players of both teams must position themselves behind the point where the foul was committed.


All participants and spectators must also abide by all rules of the beach and the park set forth by the city and the Parks and Recreation Department. No games will be protested after the completion of the game. The referee and tournament officials will make the final decision on any disputes and will treat each situation in a fair and objective manner. Inappropriate language or behavior by spectators will not be tolerated. Tournament officials reserve the right to eject spectators from the event as their own descretion.